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We supply a wide range of Olive oil, starting from simple Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Fragrance Olive Oil and Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These oils are freshly processed and supplied within a very short time frame so that our partners and clients enjoy the real taste of Olive Oil. The Olive seeds are harvested and processed using traditional methods passed down from generations. Through a family run production our partners ensure that quality and passion is put into the processing of the oils.

The family run business has been farming and trading olive oil and other agricultural products for many generations. In 2012, they installed and began operations of a brand new olive oil bottling and labeling unit which means that we can supply you these high quality oil with your brand or logo printed on the bottles. The products are successfully placed in the Greek, European and foreign markets.


It is essential to store the product in its original packing in a cool and dry condition away from direct sunlight and substances with strong odor.

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