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Grass Fed Ghee

Grass Ghee

Grass Fed Ghee

Medway procures high-quality dairy raw materials for manufacturing Cow Ghee with natural goodness.

It contains healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins. An everyday diet and an active lifestyle improve the consumer’s overall health and natural immunity.

This healthy fat is natural, nutritious, and flavorsome.
It is produced traditionally by boiling premium quality Cow Milk Fat until the butterfat and milk solids separate. Further cooking results in milk solids caramelization and gives Medway Cow Ghee the characteristic aroma and flavor of traditional Ghee. The process removes moisture, lactose, and casein and leaves pure milk fat.

Medway Cow Ghee contains not less than 99.6% fat and not more than 0.4% moisture. It offers a creamy texture, nutty taste, and pleasantly rich caramelized aroma. It is excellent for cooking, baking, sautéing, seasoning, or daily diet.

Medway Cow Ghee at a glance!

• All natural
• Rich in healthy fat and fat-soluble vitamins essential for the human body
• Long shelf life at ambient condition, can be stored without refrigeration for 18 months
• Free from any additives and preservatives
• Suitable for individuals suffering from lactose and casein intolerance
• Suitable for Keto and Paleo diet
• Suitable for vegetarians
• Non-GMO Project Verified

It is:

Great for high-temperature cooking with a higher smoke point of 485°F
Suitable for grilling meat, roasting veggies, adding to salads, or seasoning your favorite dish to bring more taste and aroma
Delicious as a spread on your morning toasts. It is a lactose-free alternative to butter.
Great in morning coffee/ smoothies for a high-energy drink

The benefits of Medway Cow Ghee:

It is naturally enriched with:

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid): CLA helps in immunity enhancement and improved bone mineralization
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Essential Fatty Acids): Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to the heart, brain, eye, and other tissue functions
Butyric acids: Butyric acid, an essential short-chain fatty acid, helps digestion and contributes to a healthy digestive tract. It helps in releasing constipation.
Beta-carotene: Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and precursor for vitamin A, which is essential for retina function, healthy skin, and infection prevention
Fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E, and K are essential for immunity, skin, and eyes, and calcium metabolism in the human body

The Therapeutic Benefits:

• Boosts the natural immunity of the body
• Strengthens bone health
• Improves eyesight
• Offers support for retaining natural memory power
• Aids in brain development and boosting concentration
• Helps in natural weight loss

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